Thursday, June 24, 2010

Phuket Vacation - Day 1 [June 19th 2010]

Hi all,

As promised..~> Vacation to Phuket, Thailand~ from June 19th ~ June 21st 2010. Went there with my colleagues plus their families~

off to phuket, Thailand~sawadikaaaapp~
[courtesy from zack]

From Left : Zack & Family, En. Nasir & family, Bala and ME with mr. Hubby
[courtesy from zack]

harusla posing2 dulukan...=S~

Patong Lodge Hotel

on our way to the hotel room~

Reached there830a.m local time which is in Malaysia its already 930a.m~ Went to the hotel...put all the a little bit bout an hour...then tros pegi jalan2...

AliBaba Restaurant ~
From Left : en. nasir's daughter, wifey, en. nasir, bala & en.nasir's son - daniel~

Zack, Eka and their daughter - ira~

The 1st place that we went to ...ofcoursela cari makan dulu [lunch-hour]...end up makan dekat AliBaba Restaurant..[driver kami x pandai berbahase inggeris LANGSUNG...lalu kami mempunyai masalah komunikasi yg sgt dasyat...hihihihi..=S..adeke patot tourist guide tak pandai berkomunikasi..!! ihskishksishk...tourist plak yg bagi guide kat die...aduuhhh~]..dekat sini kiteorang makan nasi briani ayam and kambing..the food was okey but was way toooo expensive babe! nasi briani ayam for 269bath = rm26.90 - and 349bath = rm34.9 for the briani kambing ..x patut sungguh...tapi memandang perut sgt lapar...make portion nasi yg sangt banyak tu abes dimakan...[bbbuurrppp]~

Next destination was to Wat Chalong :

us @ wat cha long temple~

my super dupper crazy husband~! you mr. Husband~

ME : super dupper crazy wifey and mommy~eheheh~

"The temple is revered among Thais for its healing powers. The prayer hall contains the statues of three of the temples most venerated monks: Luang Por Chaem, Luang Por Chuang and Luang Por Gluam. However, it is Luang Por Chaem who is best known and who has given Wat Chalong its fame as a place of healing. "

Other than patong2 budha tu...takde bende pon nak dibuat kat sini...after posing2 then we all pon berangkat...because of the communication problem ...hence we just asked the driver bawa kami pulang ke hotel... but for me and mr. Hubby...kiteorang drop off dekat JUNGCEYLON Shopping Mall...=) [i loike]..

me : posing2 in the walkway of the mall~

nite time @ the mall area~

water fountain show...ade music but ofcourse tak bole plak nak letak...
imagine kan je la ye..

JungCeylong Shopping Mall Patong nie ..bergande2 marvellous compare to those shopping malls in Malaysia...ofcourse bukan barang2-nye [all stuff in here hargenye same je if compare to Malaysie]... tapi daripade segi architecturalnye...cantek dan menarik~! siap ade kapal besar lagi tu..~! and ade fountain~ and in a nite time they will having the water fountain show...! menarik -kan..!

important signage...almost everywhere you can see this signage!
Evacuation Signage for the Tsunami~

souvenier shop along patong beach...mahal2 semuenye ye~

sunset @ the patong beach

after habes round2 dekat made our move going back to the hotel...on our way jalan KAKI ke hotel mr. HuBby masuk taylor shop...custom-made suit...sgt murah!!!! only cost us RM360 utk baju dan seluar!!! and ready in a day sgt happy..~
after siap measure2... kami pon teros bejalan and stop dekat kedai2 utk beli souvenir dan bejalan2 di tepi pantai sambil beposing2 for a while...ingatkan hotel kami berdekatan...tapi sebenarnye jauh...the distance from Jungceylon almost 1.6km okey~! hahahahah...ape lagi...kepenatan la yang amat...but then we still having fun walking hubby!! [mcm romantik la kononnye...jalan bedue2 di tepi pantai and waiting for the sunset...ahhahaha]...

A-Go-Go dance..or should i say...a-yo-yo..~ hihihi~

Another souvenier shop...pon mahal juge..~

sempena world cup...adeke all those hanging kain2 tu hargenye 450bath (rm45)! !
tak patot kan...ingt nak beli kain holland ngan argentina...teros CANCEL..!

lepak kat starbucks having my favourite green tea while watching the life band dekat pub sbelah (;~

sampai hotel...bout for a while...mandi...semayang2... then here we go again...kuar jalan2 lagi...nite life in Patong Beach, Phuket..! (;.. sebab dah penat sgt bejalan..then we decide to rent a motorbike - skuter merah..! only cost us 200bath a day..! 20 inggit la tu...errmm ape lagi...tawaf bekali2 la kan...hahahah...sgt best...siap kene tahan polis...hihihi...tengok ade lesen then jalan2 balik...ahhahaha...sgt happy sebab dapat naek motor!! x payah jalan kaki lagi...hahahahah~for your info. dekat phuket nie...naek motor x payah pakai helmet...~[hhmm lupe plak nak tangkap gamba skuter merah kami...skuter no. 972] ..went back to hotel at 12am midnite..~

So that was all about on the 1st day we were in PHUKET..~! to be continued ye..~ sneak preview for the 2nd day..~!

haaaaa...tengok ape tu..??!! hhihihi..~


  1. alaaa awyn, aku br imagine rupe ko naek moto tuh, skali xde gambar daaaa...

  2. haaa tu la nye...excited sgt. dpt naek motor...telupe plak nak ambek gamba skuter merah itu..~

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience! Patong, Phuket, has a wide variety of activities. Never get bored to be there!