Friday, July 1, 2011

Part II : Colorado, US

Part II : Colorado here and there..~!

Sissy house is in Denver, Colorado. Stay here more than a week before we did a road tour to Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and California.So mainly Part II will be a fabulous vacation in Colorado la ye!

We went camping at Loveland, Colorado.. hahaha..camping in US..ntah pape kan..but then camping nie best..sebulan camping pon wont be a problem.. my sisssy has a CAMPER..! Actually camper is trailer full with basic home facility i.e toilet, freezer, fridge, bed, meje makan, microwave and etc. so sape tak nak camping kan...semue bende ade..! seriously if they sell this in here for sure I'll buy it..if affordable la..
Camper before pop_up
Camper after Pop-Up : yang terkeluar2 tu is a king size bed, and dining area!
Camping area siap ade playground

Looking something for dinner~hihihi

Small creek behind we parked our camper~air sejuk yang amat! Q was crazy playing with it!!
The creek! super duper cold! tak dapat la nak berenang2~

Brother -in-law with little nephew -Edrin

Ashraf & Raelan - 2 stooges-

Tukang potong ayam~

Tukang Masak in da house aka my sister!
Camping with cold weather~

Q : Mommy.. I cant find anything..! my bowl is still empty~ O_o

after having light breakfast~

Q : Mommy am i supposed to catch butterfly with this????

Happy face indeed..! water boy~
On the next day camping, we went to the Rocky Mountain National Park. The weather changed as you go higher. As a result snow dekat atas gunung. Maka kami pon kesejukkan except for my little Q as mommy lyn let him wear Edrin's winter cloth. Macam budak eskimo dah mommy tgk qhalish..

Rocky Mountain National Park~ Colorado
On our way to the top!

isnt it nice??!!

Pororo to be~

Its snowing on the peak on the Rocky Mountain National Park~ and it is almost summer-

Our family~

if its summer here, you will see  wild animal down there!


US with sissy family

Qhalish : errkkk..mommy nak turun..

They are anywhere..! if in here..ade gak kene tangkap buat kari.~ hahhaha~


 On the way back..went to the  Loveland Outlets..OMG..sangat best! Everythings there and its realy realy it..COACH, Tommy Hilfiger, POLO Ralph Lauren, Oshkosh (mommy's fav. place) and much more. seriously best sangat! We were there about 4 hours and manage to buy 6 coach handbags, shirts and pants in tommy, polo, levis and etc..and ofcourse Oshkosh for Q! Heaven!

my favourite place: you could find  a dollar t-shirt here..!!!

mommy favourite place jugak..kesimpulannye semue la favourite...hehehe...

Have to sign off now..! Part III  will be about a day tour at 16 Street Mall kay!

Downtown Denver, Colorado~

Part 1 : Baby 1st Flight~

Last month we went to my sister place..after 2 years x jumpe..jumpe pon akhirnye..Eearlier plan was to go there December last year..postpone punye last we went there last month. We were there for 3 weeks...(habes lah semue annual leave tahun nie!!)

Anyway the journey begun with traveled dgn17 months old infant - our Q..! just imagine with a baby for almost 24hours flight journey...(sgt la scary nak mengahadapinye)..from Malaysia to Singapore (1hr flight)...Singapore to Hong Kong (4hrs flight)..Hong Kong to San Francisco(12hrs flight)...San Francisco to Denver..(3hrs flight) the transit period approx. 24hrs journey from Malaysia to US..! phheewwww...the best way thing is if you could affort to buy another sit for your infant! For us we didn’yt buy it as the ticket is too way  expensive!

There go some of my experience travelling with an infant;

i) Getting through the Security

To be safe, plan to be at the airport early. You might getting delays getting through the security! Q was in my back pack carrier which every time I went through the security I have to remove Q  from the carrier and walked through the security with him. The stroller has to be emptied so remember  do not  put too much stuff in your stroller. The stroller need to be screened manually by a checker. Always were shoes which is easy to wear. You have  to take it off same goes to the baby went you go through the security...sangat melecehkan..! Oohh...they do allowed you to bring a bottle of milk and water for the baby tho.

ii) Boarding the plane

When you get to the gate, you can gate-check your stroller but make sure you have to ask a tag for it. Just leave the stroller at the end of the jet-way. Pick it up when you get off the plane at the same spot. Remember fold it when you leave it – if it is not it might be damaged by airport luggage handlers!

iii) In the Air

One of the main sources of discomfort for infants traveling on airplanes is the change in cabin pressure when taking off and landing. Luckily my baby is a "thumb sucker" ( haha..lain mcm je bunyinye)..So not a big deal on the cabin pressure matter. Maybe for those ( i mean not a thumb sucker baby) please bring a  bottle or pacifier to the child during take-offs and landing to help on the pressure matter.

 Bring along stuff for the baby ex. :  books, toys, crayon or anything to keep your baby busy! There was a time, I  used the airsickness bags as a hand puppet~ just draw a silly face on the bottom of the bag and played a peekaaboo with him! it did keep him amused for a while! hihihi~
To those babies who drink bring your formula~ as for me..Q drink a fresh milk so it wont be a problem as the airline has plenty of it..Just asked from the flight attendant for a box of milk and then pour it into the bottle~! this is the advantage using a fresh milk rather than the formula..oohh dont forget to bring tidbit for the did helps me soo much..!
When it comes to change the diaper, remember to ask from the flight atttendant which ones have the changing tables. Not every airplane have this changing  tables in their rest room esp. those domestic flight. Anyway please change  the diaper  in the rest room cause i dont think it would be a proper way to change it in your seat. But the changing table is kinda small,  which Q is not even fit on the table no more..! Luckily I brought the pull-up pants diaper~ easier rather than using the normal diaper..

The main thing to remember about traveling with baby is to relax – it will likely go much better than you are anticipating! For us, the times that strangers and flight crews were kind and helpful far outnumbered the occasional rude stare. It was amazing how often business people and random strangers got misty-eyed looking at him and telling us about their own kids or grandkids. I do think it is among the best experienced ~travelling with a baby! Eventho in the end you will thank to GOD you arrived safely ~! hahahah..~ very happy indeed!

Picture time!

Q in my backpack carrier

San Francisco Airport

Transit in Hong Kong

Daddy melepaskan gian!

Budak tak boleh duduk diam

Exhausted after the longest flight~12hours!