Monday, November 8, 2010

On Vacation..~!

MOrning Malaysia or should i say...Morning Taipei...,

2nd day in we are in the southern part...the weather approx. around  28-30 degree...tak sejok pon...anyway we miss our little muchkin Q so mucchh...hopefully little Q x buli nenek ye...a lollipop for you when mommy get back to KL ye...hihihi~ gtg now...till then see ya malaysia..~!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

In the MOOD~

Banyak pula post hari baru abes dgn successful-nye (hooray!!- mr.bos bgla saye KPI that bnyk sket dpt bonus...hihihhi~) and the most important thing ofcourse i'm in the mood to update the blog!~ hahahah...rite a week before ramadhan...we went to cherating with mr.husband's friends..sort of like a small gathering la..most of us ade baby...but it didnt stop us having fun ..~!

it's US..~having fun to the fullest~ 


 Q was having fun by himself while the daddies played volleyball

 mama was busy snapping Q's pictures...hihihi..~

 and more of happy moments with the little one~
he started making friends..

 a picture with ryan~ 

 precious~!love the picture~
( i took this picture!...hahaha angkat bakul sendiri~)
swimming in the sea??! 
sebaek nenek xde..if not confirm non-stopla nenek membebel..

Q and daddy really had fun that day..~!

mommies were la..just kiddin'
as usual crite pasal anak2...sigh*~hihihihi...

Love is all around..~! im blessed~

Nite2 everybody...dont let the bed bugs bite you~! =S
sweet dream~

THE End~

Q 1st hair-do~

Well Q 1st hair cut when he was 9 going to be 10 months old...beriya mommy die ajak daddy pegi gunting rambut Q dekat SALOON~! ahahha..potongnye cipot je..then we had to pay rm5...padan muke mari kite tengok aksi little Q ye..

Tengah tunggu turn..duduk main2 ngan daddy~
Dah busan main..duduk dgn mama pulak~
Lame plak tunngu nak potong rambut nie...sampai menguap anak mama~

Q :'s my turn~! 
Little Q kegirangan...ahahah..mama pon happy juge..~

so its begin...~
OMG...budak tembam x boleh duduk diam..~! sengsara si amoi nak memotong rambutnye!
So mama had to hold you tight...mcm kene cekik dah anak mama nie..~
Q : Yeay..i'm done~!! seriously x nmpak perubahan pon...hihihi..sbb potong rambut belakang aje..~
balik..tros masuk bathtub..his favourite~!
Mate dah merah..

The colors of the week =)..~

The colors of the week is ......Our precious baby bubbly munchkin Q is 11 months old today...~!!! wahhh really cant believe it...little tiny baby with 2.52kg was back then turns to be our cutie bubbly "mr.gembok" with 10.5kg...hahah...thanks to nenek who feed him well..~Next month insyallah..we will celebrating Q 1st birthday party..yeay..!~it's time to paaarrttyy..~!so the party checklist as below ; 
  • choose a theme - checked "baby sesame street "
  • select a date & time for party - checked "saturday ~ Dec. 4"
  • choose location for party - checked "home sweet home"
  • develop the guest list - 50-50
  • make or purchase invitation - checked 
  • purchase party supplies - checked "sponsor by Q's mak long" thank you sister..~!
  • plan menu & make grocery shopping list - 50-50
  • order special cake for a little one - checked "order from ShireenBakes"
  • birthday present - not yet
~Q's party theme " baby sesame street" sponsor by his beloved Aunty Lyn~
TQ aunty!!..we love you sooo muccchhh.. 

For the menu we're (oppss actually ME!) thinking to make more on the little kiddo's meal as most of our friends children are still here it goes..list of the foodies; 
  • potatoes - baked/mashed
  • porridge 
  • spagetti
  • popsicles
  • fruits
  • cookies/crackers for babies
  • ice-cream 
  • fries
  • nugget/hotdog
  • pizza
  • chocolate dipped with banana/mashmellow
  • cotton candy
  • ofcourse the bithday cake~!
hahahahah...confirm all babies/ toddler jadik hyper...hihihihi...i think i should re-do the menu..=D~

For the parents we shall have chicken rice ke...nasi briani ke..still KIV..i'm not sure yet..

p/s : We're leaving to Taiwan next week..~and Q will be at home with nenek...ooohhh going to miss him soooo muuccchhhhh..~!!! ..really wish we could bring you along with us..=( ~hopefully little Q will be a good little boy and x membuli nenek ye..~!