Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Our Top 10 items for the Little "Q"

 1. Bottle-Feeding - Playtex Ventaire

       I love the Ventaire system so muchhhh as ;
  • knowing your bottles are clean [they come apart completely so you can clean each piece]
  • protect baby against gas, colic and spit up.
  • easy to hold because of its unique bent design [versatile lagi tu..]

 #2. Combi Coccoro Convertable Carseat
 We love this car seat! It's compact, fits in our car perfectly, and baby Q is completely comfortable and has room to grow! Perfect Fit~

#3. Combi Stroller

I love this combi stroller!!! It is smaller then a stroller that comes with your travel system so its less bulky.  Very light weight [suitable for me!], it reclines, it has a sun shade, and has a basket under neath and also rides smooth. It also folds nicely and easily~! only takes  you 3 seconds to folds it up. Like it!

#4. Baby Crib
 Thing you should have~! makes baby, mommy & daddy sleep comfortably at night~! It’s also perfect for providing baby  with a safe place to take a nap or play while mommy busy doing her own stuff..~ (;..

#5. Fisher-Price Newborn to Toddler portable Rocker
No kidding,  baby Q absolutely loves this rocker/chair. Why? because he sleeps very comfortably in it. He started sleeping on this chair since he was 3 weeks old!!! [but not anymore..curently baby Q likes to sit on  it while watching cartoon on Disney Channel]  hmmm...another thing...I love the fact that it's portable. We take it downstairs during the day and into our bedroom at night!!!!

 #6. Boppy Pillow
  I used it mostly when I nursing my new born. When I do the pumping, I put it behind my back to support my lower back. I also used it during his "tummy time".  Daddy loves it when he feeds the baby. :)

 #7.Soothe & Glow Seahorse
The lullabies and the ocean sounds are very soothing. Baby Q loves it so much so does mommy =). I found it very helpful for him to relax and sleep. Thanks to Mak Long Lyn for the gift~!

#8. Rainforest Jumperoo

Our baby Q loves bouncing & jumping around in this jumperoo while listening to the music!  Even at the lowest setting it's kind of high off the floor, but we put a cushion underneath his feet so he could start using it when he was 4 months. Now he's 6 months and still having a great time in it! It's very helpful when he needs to be somewhere safe & entertaining so that I can do other thing while he is occupied. I love everything about it~!!!

#9. Desitin
 Simply the best for treating and preventing diaper rash~! Highly recommended to all mommies out there!

#10. Newborn to Toddler Tub
 This tub is great. It fits in your sink so you can stand up and wash your baby. Easy to fill, easy to drain.Love it~!

~~ > So there you go - Our Top 10 items for our little precious "Q". What about yourS????~


  1. heheh... Yuni was born 4kg, so we couldn't by her the rocker and the light stroller and the jumperoo.. hehe Instead, we bought a BUAI... hahaha

    Thanks for the tip. Bleh get ready for 2nd baby :P

  2. fieza : till now mak aku bising suruh beli buai utk qhalish...sbb qhalish x suke tido siang...but till now aku buat dunno aje...ehhehe~

  3. Wah bestnya yg No.10 tu. Mana ko beli ek? Aku beli yg ala2 rocker tu tapi mmg utk mandi la. Yg No.6 aku guna My Breastfriend & No.9 aku guna Bepanthean :D


  4. wahi : tub mandi tu ke? the first years newborn to toddler tub tu ko bole beli kat "TWINS BABY"..kedai die ade kat bandar utama, dataran prima dekt2 ampang and another one kat kuantan - jalan beserah..

  5. bestnye entry ni....teruja cam nak gi shopin lagik...