Friday, September 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Sweetheart - Raelan Imran -

Happy Birthday to a dear Nephew!
This comes straight from my heart
I LOVE you so much, I just want you to know
There is someone who cares for you so

Your life is a blessing
You are special to me with your own way
I see a boy, who will be a man one day
And I know you will try the best you can in whatever you do

If you feel a breeze touching your face
It will be the angel I send with loving grace
If ever you need me, I am just a phone call away

Happy Birthday Little Sweetheart Laelan!
Have a great day ~ I'm glad you are nephew of MINE~!

                                                    xoxoxo :- Aunty Wyn

Baby Food - Stage 1

Yes! Qayden is already on Stage - 1 Baby Food. Started on solid food since he was 5++ months.

For Qhalish, what I did was I bought all the heinz & gerber pureed food.. but as I told ya..mommy got to save some money now..! So decided to make my own baby food. Actually is not that difficult to prepare your own baby food - "PUREE".. Preparing homemade baby food puree is not only fun, it's also very simple. You will be surprised to see that it really will take less time to puree baby food than you imagined.

What you need to do is ;-
i) Buy the ingredients i.e carrot, sweet potato, avacado, banana etc.(..ME..prefer organic stuff for my little precious)
ii) Cooking tools. I always steam my ingredients as  steaming maintains the most nutrients!
iii) Let it cool a bit, than toss it into blender / food processor / by using only fork. Depends on what ingredient you want to puree. If avacado, might be as well using fork only.
iv) Sometimes I combined  2 ingredients together. i.e avacado + banana~
v) and please don't be afraid to mix up with your breast milk/ formula, which these 2 ingredients will give a nutrition boost and to add familiar taste to baby!
vi) then transfer the puree to the ice cube tray and freeze it. 
vii) Once the cubes of puree have set and frozen, take the trays out of the freezer and transfer the cubes into freezer bags and label the date and type of food you're using.
viii) When it's time to feed baby, simply take out the number of food cubes needed and thaw and then reheat. As simple as 123 isn't it mommies~!

So..say YES to HOMEMADE baby FOOD~!

Some pictures now ;-

Avacado Pureed | Simply Delicious |

Frozen Sweet Potato using IKEA's ice cube tray! cutekan~

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hi |D.E.C.E.M.B.E.R|

~Big Brother Q~

September almost at the end...and here it comes October ...then November...without realizing we are almost in the end of 2012~ which means...have to start on planning big Q's 3rd Birthday this coming December~!! so fast  kan..suddenly nak 3 tahun dah my little chubby pumpkin! 

For the 3rd birthday, planning buat kecil-kecilan aje..perhaps only to celebrate with families..and another thing... in March 2013...birthday little Q ~ so haruslah celebrate besar2 sket (sikit aje) as a year old baby..! so for us to celebrate 2 events beriye2..haruslah demam poket mommy and daddy! hihihi~

I'm planning to bake a birthday cake on my own..after surf2 dekat Pakcik Youtube..then discover dinosaur cake by Aunty Betty Crocker..which i think its not difficult to do it as she did attach a template to cut the dinosaur shape!..hahaha..happy...will save about rm200++ hoookeh...which I usually spend birthday cake for big Q..!

Below is the picture of the  cake;-

By Betty Crocker - C.U.T.E kan this Mr. Dinosaur!

Then as usual..mommy Q nie can be categorized in someone yang agak creative..(hahaha...ME..angkat bakul sendiri..actually more to save the money mommy Q love to do all those crazy party stuff sendiri..! i.e all the birthday sticker, food label, cupcake toppers, banner, goodie bag and the list goes on...even to celebrate with families je kan..but still harus la ade...if not tak macam event birthday party la kan..Hopefully mommy Q will not be sooooo busy la in these 2 months time.. As for now havent start it yet on those decoration..better surf2 Pakcik Google to get some idea..bukan ciplak tau...pinjam idea aje ye Pakcik Google..~

Cake - checked
Birthday Deco. - checked
Food - order aje yang nie!
Guest - checked!
Present -  blom difikirkan..if possible kite bagi daddy Q yang fikir!

That's all peeps. XOXOXO~

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Birth Story of Qayden Aziz~

Hi All, 

Here it share some of the sweet moment giving birth to our 2nd prince Qayden Aziz..~

As usual, im on my hospitalization leave for almost 2 weeks..suke2kan...cuti lepak2 dekat rumah..sape x suke kan...pastu claim as hospitalization kan...

This time we choosed Pantai Medical Center Bangsar for the check-up and for deliver. Coz rasenye macam tak best la kat Ampang Puteri tu.. Maklum la...branak nie buakn nye ofcourse la we as a ibu2 nie always will look something plg best to deliver the baby kan..

After go tru google2 in the jatuh hati la nak deliver 2nd baby dekat Pantai Medical Center Bangsar.. and another thing because mr.hubby office is nearby to the hospital... make it more easier to pick him up on the way to the hospital..

And ofcourse la kan..have to know the fee google2 lagi ..ok la..not bad..around RM3500 to RM4500 for normal mr. hubby ofis cover till RM4000 so if  lebih pon you only have to pay another rm500 kan...soo hell yes...kite confirm nak deliver kat Pantai ye..!  

Kali nie I do prefer nak deliver dengan doctor perempuan...and google2 lagi then found out dieorang cakap Dr. Idora adelah best..yes..TRUE..! mmg best even suare die slowkan..slow tahap macam kalo mase deliver nanti bole ke dengar instruction suruh push2...hahahah...HOSPITAL --> Checked...DOCTOR --Checked...

Every week went for a check up...x branak2 juga..mase the first baby delivered 2 weeks early so budget nak branak awak juga la nie...tapi baby tak nak kuar2 juga..untill the due date which was on 5 Mac 2012..
pagi tu as usual..pegi hospital and pick up mr. husband at his office...then went to the hospital.. Time nie siap cakap dekat Dr. Idora...if baby x nak kuar lagi please induce or whatever la..asal baby kuar..x larat dah hookeeh...dengan big Q suke buat hal..always attach dengan mmomy aje mase tu...x bole tahan siap kene dukung die till the last moment nak branak..! aaiisskkk...anakku...!

Luckily there was 2cm opening..mase tu around 12 in the Dr. Idora tanye if I tros admit or balik i x bawa pape pon to the hospital ( sbb x rase mcm nak branak pon hari tu...ngeehhh)  and ofcourse kene say goodbye kat big Q we decide to balik rumah dulu..Siap tanye Dr. Idora agaknye nak datang before or after peak die advice dtg before peak hour..takot terberanak dalam kreta pulak kang..

Hence, balik la kami ke rumah..but before tu singgah Mr. Hubby office utk ambek letter nak masuk spital..lame la jugak..!! sabar je la..Balik..then mandi..siap2..kiss big Q for a while..then about 4pm kami ke hospital balik..mase nie big Q tgh tido...sbaek tido..if not jgn harap la bole kuar umah..ade tepekik telolong anak bujang kami tu nanti...

Sampai hospital...jalan harusla menten lagi..sbb x rase pon nak branak kan..siap silap pi ward lagi..aaiikksss...sengal2...then tros masuk labour room..after mak bidan kasik explaination and ceramah2 then rest2..siap bole snap2 pictures lagi..hahaha..totally different senario with given birth on big Q..! around 530pm having dinner..makan nasi lauk ayam..hahah..menten bole makan lagi..mase nie ade sket2 rase contraction.. 

Around 630pm Dr. Idora came to the labour room to start the procedure which was pecahkan air ketuban utk stimulate the contraction..hhmmmm still menten lagi this time even tho contraction seems like getting closer and closer and makin kuat...

Around 745pm Mr.Hubby went for semayang maghrib..then after 15 mr.hubby suruh cepat sket..macam makin saket aje..then layan aje la kan saket tu.. mak bidan masuk..tanye ok ke tak..and check for the opening..5cm..she asked me wether nak pape tak to reduce the pain..and ofcourse la nak kan..but this time I told the midwife...pape la except the epidural..hehehe...

So layan la jugak saket contraction tu kan..for me..bole la tahan lagi..cheewaahhh..sbenarnye mase tu rasenye x dapat nak describe saket nye..but alhamdullillah...saket tak brape lame sgt...suddenly around 845pm rase macam nak branak sangat dah..but the midwife siap suruh tahan2 plak  as we have to wait for the Doctor...aaiisskkk...then less than 10 minutes...Dr. Idora arrived..! pheewww...yeay...bole la kite deliver skang ye..! 

After bertungkus-lumus (cheeeewah.!)..few times of push2 adegan..then tadaaaaa....Qayden Aziz was born at 912pm @ 5 Mac 2012..Alhamdullillah..~

After done with the stiching2 thingy..then masuk ward around 12am..then perot lapa plak ..aaiisskkk..! Nie bab sedeh sket...sbb dah malam there was no available shop yang still end up Mr. Hubby beli milo from Vending Machine ..!!!! x sedap!! makan beskut kering ...habes separuh peket la jugak beskut tu..!!! hihihi...lesson learn :- lain kali bawa tros food kalo nak pi branak ye!

Then besoknye..after Dr. Idora check around pukul 5pm..every thing went well ..kami pon pulang ke rumah..sbb kesian kat big Q yang x lena tido sbb mommy and daddy xde a day before..~ (kalo ikutkan hati..nak aje stay kat spital lagi..!)

So jom layan some of the pictures of our 2nd son Qayden Aziz bin Muhammad Shahnaz Khalili ~

Nota kaki;  Total delivery fee was RM3200.. ok kan...cheaper than the budget..! Alhamdullillah dipermudahkan semuenye..~

Friday, September 21, 2012


Dear Readers,

Got it from one of my FB frens. Hopefully it will be useful to us as a parents..!~

Umur 1-7 tahun. Pada masa ini, Rasulullah s.a.w menyuruh kita utk memanjakan, mengasihi dan menyayangi anak dengan kasih sayang yg tidak berbatas. Biarkan anak-anak bermandikan kasih sayang pada tahap ini.

Umur 7-14 tahun. Pada masa ini Rasulullah s.a.w menyuruh kita untuk mula menanamkan DISIPLIN kepada anak-anak dengan mengajar dan menyuruh mereka untuk mengerjakan solat. Bahkan apabila umurnya sudah sepuluh tahun, seorang ayah boleh memukul anaknya jika enggan mengerjakan solat.

Berdasarkan pakar-pakar jiwa anak, sememangnya pada umur 7-14 tahun ini masa terbaik untuk menanamkan disiplin dan pembentukan sahsiah seorang anak. Pada fasa inilah seorang ayah akan menjadikan anak itu seorang muslim atau Yahudi, Nasrani dan Majusi seperti yang dikatakan oleh Rasulullah s.a.w dalam hadisnya bahawa setiap anak yang lahir dalam keadaan suci. Maka, ayah dan ibulah yang akan mencorakkannya.

Umur 14-21 tahun. Pada masa ini orang tua sudah MENUKAR penanaman disiplin dengan cara yang agak KERAS kepada yang RASIONAL. Orang tua sudah semestinya mendidik anak dengan cara menjadikannya sahabat dalam berdiskusi, mengajaknya ikut dalam membincangkan masalah keluarga dan diberikan satu-satu tanggungjawab dalam hal-hal tertentu di rumah. Hal ini penting agar anak berasa dirinya punyai tanggungjawab mengambil berat hal-hal dalam keluarga.

Umur lebih 21 tahun. Pada masa ini, orang tua sudah boleh melepaskan anaknya untuk belajar menempuh hidup akan tetapi tetap melihat perkembangannya dan memberikan nasihat serta peringatan-peringatan apabila anak tersalah atau terlupa.

Dalam kehidupan kita sebagai muslim, kadang-kadang pendidikan yang diajar oleh Rasul itu tidak benar-benar diamalkan, bahkan ramai yang tidak mengamalkannya sama sekali.

Ada orang tua yang terlalu memanjakan anak sehingga umur 14 tahun dan baru mula mengajar dan menyuruhnya solat pada usia mereka 15 tahun sehingga mereka bukan sahaja enggan melakukannya malah marah kepada ibu bapanya. Jika kewajipan yg tertinggi (iaitu solat) yang telah diperintahkan Yang Maha Agung diabaikan apatah lagi dengan perintah dan suruhan orang lain termasuk ibu bapanya.

Kesimpulannya, masalah disiplin dan jenayah remaja dan pelajar muslim berkemungkinan terjadi kerana rapuhnya pendidikan iman dan cara didikan yang salah. Sebahagian ibu bapa menafikan hal ini kerana mereka tidak sedar kekerasan dan cara pendidikan yg mereka terapkan kepada anak-anak adalah secara membuta tuli tanpa melihat perkembangan umur anak-anak sehingga anak terasa dizalimi dan seterunya membesar dengan perasaan marah dan dendam kepada ibu bapa.