Monday, November 14, 2011

Red Velvet Cupcake

My RV cupcakes! This one is ordered by my bff -ayu.. Thanks ayu..! Best jugak ye buat part time bebende cute2 wonder la ramai yang buat cupcakes nie as a side income..for me..its like a hobby.. and making cute deco on top of each cupcakes..sgt saye suke..T_*..whenever siap one whole box rase sgt best!
Anyway guys..its open for order ye..secare kecil-kecilan.. :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Blueberry Cheese Tart

Actualy last wekend my early plan was to bake a rv cake tapi sbb x sempat beli stuff for the cake so terpakse la membatalkan hasratnye..

Then my neighbour offer nak ajar buat cheese tart foc including bahan2 skali disponsor..ape lagi..tros jela pie umah die blaja..

So today balik ofis je dgn sangat bersemangat.. tros mencube buat cheese tart.. 1st attempt on baking blueberry cheese tart!

Basically is not that hard to do it but part nak buat bunge2 tu ade sedikit leceh..need more practice on that part..! Than bole la ambek order..hahaha..just kidding~

After this nak blaja buat cream puff pule!

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Cinta Hati Saye~

Aktiviti hari cuti ;
Daddy tido..Qhalish tido..! Qhalish tido..Daddy lagi la TIDO..!

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet~! Yup its a red velvet cake.. ! This week mcm nak try to bake this cake..! sangat bersemangat nie..O_o..yeehaa..~ hopefully it turns to be a red velvet cake rather than other thing..hahaha.. caiyok!
Suddenly to bake it?  why? hhhmmmm...hint dah bagi but till now x better i just bake it by myself..jadi ke tak...lain kire...sedeh je bunyinye..=S..anyway will see the outcome yaaa~

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday Q..!! I love to sleep while eating!! O_o..

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cerita Hari Raya 2011

Selamat Raya Raya Aidilfitri!! Hoping it is still not too late to wish to all families and friends!
Well this year raye, we did celebrate it at my grandma's house in Kukup, Pontian and on the 2nd day raye went back to hubby 's kampung which is in Labis.
As usual the activities are nite time main mercun..this year we spent almost rm400 for the mercun! Membakar duit sungguh!!! Ehheeh..xpela..once a year kan..
Other than makan lauk2 raye jawa such as ketupat, rendang daging, ayam rempah, sambal goreng, lodeh, kuah kacang n etc.. We did also have brasak(not sure nak ejenye)..brasak nie besnye mkn dgn asam pedas! Nyuummpphh..then malam raye petama plak buat bbq! 2nd day raye plak having beriani..i loike..! Tiap2 bulan raye kan best!! Hahaha..ade gemoks dempol jadinye..
And for the little Q ( yg x brape nk little dah)..asyik dgn dunie nye sendiri..he is sooo anti-social..kejap je kuar salam2..then tros lepak masuk bilik aircond sambil concentrating with his ipod..! luckily my grandma house has a one room with an a/c..if not jenuh la si montel tu mengamok!..sungguh budak bandar anak saye tu..wajib la hantar ke skolah utk ajar die besosial!
But then he's still a little boy..let him explore the world by himself rather then hantar skolah blaja 123 ABC kan..pity them kan..(just my opinion ..=]..)..but if there is a place for toddler which provide with fun activities (gunting2 ketas, main with playdoh, jalan2, main pasir n etc) compare to belajar.. then i'll be willing enough to send Q there!! If there is..please inform me ye..
Well this week, we plan on going back to my abah's kampung in Temerloh, Pahang. Meeting families and having steam boat perhaps..n if extra rajen bole la buat sushi! Makan lagi..greaaatt!

Last but no least.. Selamat HAri Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin..!

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Friday, July 1, 2011

Part II : Colorado, US

Part II : Colorado here and there..~!

Sissy house is in Denver, Colorado. Stay here more than a week before we did a road tour to Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and California.So mainly Part II will be a fabulous vacation in Colorado la ye!

We went camping at Loveland, Colorado.. hahaha..camping in US..ntah pape kan..but then camping nie best..sebulan camping pon wont be a problem.. my sisssy has a CAMPER..! Actually camper is trailer full with basic home facility i.e toilet, freezer, fridge, bed, meje makan, microwave and etc. so sape tak nak camping kan...semue bende ade..! seriously if they sell this in here for sure I'll buy it..if affordable la..
Camper before pop_up
Camper after Pop-Up : yang terkeluar2 tu is a king size bed, and dining area!
Camping area siap ade playground

Looking something for dinner~hihihi

Small creek behind we parked our camper~air sejuk yang amat! Q was crazy playing with it!!
The creek! super duper cold! tak dapat la nak berenang2~

Brother -in-law with little nephew -Edrin

Ashraf & Raelan - 2 stooges-

Tukang potong ayam~

Tukang Masak in da house aka my sister!
Camping with cold weather~

Q : Mommy.. I cant find anything..! my bowl is still empty~ O_o

after having light breakfast~

Q : Mommy am i supposed to catch butterfly with this????

Happy face indeed..! water boy~
On the next day camping, we went to the Rocky Mountain National Park. The weather changed as you go higher. As a result snow dekat atas gunung. Maka kami pon kesejukkan except for my little Q as mommy lyn let him wear Edrin's winter cloth. Macam budak eskimo dah mommy tgk qhalish..

Rocky Mountain National Park~ Colorado
On our way to the top!

isnt it nice??!!

Pororo to be~

Its snowing on the peak on the Rocky Mountain National Park~ and it is almost summer-

Our family~

if its summer here, you will see  wild animal down there!


US with sissy family

Qhalish : errkkk..mommy nak turun..

They are anywhere..! if in here..ade gak kene tangkap buat kari.~ hahhaha~


 On the way back..went to the  Loveland Outlets..OMG..sangat best! Everythings there and its realy realy it..COACH, Tommy Hilfiger, POLO Ralph Lauren, Oshkosh (mommy's fav. place) and much more. seriously best sangat! We were there about 4 hours and manage to buy 6 coach handbags, shirts and pants in tommy, polo, levis and etc..and ofcourse Oshkosh for Q! Heaven!

my favourite place: you could find  a dollar t-shirt here..!!!

mommy favourite place jugak..kesimpulannye semue la favourite...hehehe...

Have to sign off now..! Part III  will be about a day tour at 16 Street Mall kay!

Downtown Denver, Colorado~

Part 1 : Baby 1st Flight~

Last month we went to my sister place..after 2 years x jumpe..jumpe pon akhirnye..Eearlier plan was to go there December last year..postpone punye last we went there last month. We were there for 3 weeks...(habes lah semue annual leave tahun nie!!)

Anyway the journey begun with traveled dgn17 months old infant - our Q..! just imagine with a baby for almost 24hours flight journey...(sgt la scary nak mengahadapinye)..from Malaysia to Singapore (1hr flight)...Singapore to Hong Kong (4hrs flight)..Hong Kong to San Francisco(12hrs flight)...San Francisco to Denver..(3hrs flight) the transit period approx. 24hrs journey from Malaysia to US..! phheewwww...the best way thing is if you could affort to buy another sit for your infant! For us we didn’yt buy it as the ticket is too way  expensive!

There go some of my experience travelling with an infant;

i) Getting through the Security

To be safe, plan to be at the airport early. You might getting delays getting through the security! Q was in my back pack carrier which every time I went through the security I have to remove Q  from the carrier and walked through the security with him. The stroller has to be emptied so remember  do not  put too much stuff in your stroller. The stroller need to be screened manually by a checker. Always were shoes which is easy to wear. You have  to take it off same goes to the baby went you go through the security...sangat melecehkan..! Oohh...they do allowed you to bring a bottle of milk and water for the baby tho.

ii) Boarding the plane

When you get to the gate, you can gate-check your stroller but make sure you have to ask a tag for it. Just leave the stroller at the end of the jet-way. Pick it up when you get off the plane at the same spot. Remember fold it when you leave it – if it is not it might be damaged by airport luggage handlers!

iii) In the Air

One of the main sources of discomfort for infants traveling on airplanes is the change in cabin pressure when taking off and landing. Luckily my baby is a "thumb sucker" ( haha..lain mcm je bunyinye)..So not a big deal on the cabin pressure matter. Maybe for those ( i mean not a thumb sucker baby) please bring a  bottle or pacifier to the child during take-offs and landing to help on the pressure matter.

 Bring along stuff for the baby ex. :  books, toys, crayon or anything to keep your baby busy! There was a time, I  used the airsickness bags as a hand puppet~ just draw a silly face on the bottom of the bag and played a peekaaboo with him! it did keep him amused for a while! hihihi~
To those babies who drink bring your formula~ as for me..Q drink a fresh milk so it wont be a problem as the airline has plenty of it..Just asked from the flight attendant for a box of milk and then pour it into the bottle~! this is the advantage using a fresh milk rather than the formula..oohh dont forget to bring tidbit for the did helps me soo much..!
When it comes to change the diaper, remember to ask from the flight atttendant which ones have the changing tables. Not every airplane have this changing  tables in their rest room esp. those domestic flight. Anyway please change  the diaper  in the rest room cause i dont think it would be a proper way to change it in your seat. But the changing table is kinda small,  which Q is not even fit on the table no more..! Luckily I brought the pull-up pants diaper~ easier rather than using the normal diaper..

The main thing to remember about traveling with baby is to relax – it will likely go much better than you are anticipating! For us, the times that strangers and flight crews were kind and helpful far outnumbered the occasional rude stare. It was amazing how often business people and random strangers got misty-eyed looking at him and telling us about their own kids or grandkids. I do think it is among the best experienced ~travelling with a baby! Eventho in the end you will thank to GOD you arrived safely ~! hahahah..~ very happy indeed!

Picture time!

Q in my backpack carrier

San Francisco Airport

Transit in Hong Kong

Daddy melepaskan gian!

Budak tak boleh duduk diam

Exhausted after the longest flight~12hours!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Edisi geram lagi |~

 Edisi geram lagi nie...well about my current project nie..which is i have to prepare the BQ and submit it to relevant department..after dah anta tu..memacam lak mintak..seems like tak pecaye la BQ yang aku produce pleaaaseeee la...ingat BQ tu value die aku sesuke hati petik kat pokok MAngga ke..!!! bodoh ke hape...semue nak question balik...if that so... ko buat la BQ sendirik...! tak payah la nak suruh aku buat kan...aduhh bangang betol...pastu bole plak cakap aku kire area building salah...yang hampehnye...building  2 stories die buat 1 story...mmg la floor area tak same...bodohkan..! yang bangangnye lagi ...tgk BQ aku...tapi pegi refer kat drawing electrical...tak ke bodoh..! BQ CIVIL refer la kat CIVIL DRAWING..yang pegi refer drawing other department tu ape cekadaknye...agaknye degree beli kat pasar malam kot...!! adehh...dah la tu...menyusahkan orang nak double check utk die..asal tak dapat je ape die nak...mule la pegi CC email kat semue bos2...mmg dasar bangang betol...aaiihhsskkkk geram sangat nie...evrytime buat project ngan die jek ...boleh naik darah tinggi..! tu edisi geram hari nie...citer smalam "betuah" nie...request about the floor area la gak for each building...mase tu by phone jela..mase tu lebih kurang kol 330pm...pastu around kol 5pm bole officially tules bende yang die nak tu by email and CC lagi ye kat semue orang...hhmm ape lagi...aku ngan bestnye reply balik la email si "betuah" nie...seperti berikut ye..."Please check on your email. Already sent the related information that you need about  an hour ago." haaaa hambek ko....aku pon reply la to all balik kan...~ kononnye aku tak buat la keje yang die nak tu...teros hanta email kasik tau satu dunie..! dasar korprat betol la....!!! adduuhh geram2...cant wait for weekend...pegi makan sedap2 bagi turunkan darah nie haaaa....~

Sunday, March 13, 2011


After bace about Tutti Frutti at yani's today ajak la mr.hubby pegi TUtti Frutti nie which is quite near to our area..and ofcourse it was nyummyy!! we had strawberry, red velvert yogurt , vanilla & ape ntah eh another flavour pick by my sis in all the fresh fruits & all those toppings! Selagi muat semuenye nak for 2 cups mr.hubby paid almost rm40..geeee..mahal la jugakkan...but then still delicious!! Espcially the red velvet..nyummnyumm.. sambil makan sambil layan iphone with free tutti frutti unifi..! I loike~Little Q was in heaven lakan.. Sugar rush!! Geeee~~Hahaha..makan sampai hirup2 okay! Seems like we have to go there again lah daddy~ mommy love it and Q love it as well!! Till we meet again.. Nite2 you all..dont let the bugs bite ya~!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Drooling |check|
Gum swelling and sensitivity
Irritability or fussiness |check|
Biting behavior |x sure plak|
Refusing food |50-50|
Sleep problems |check- wakeup almost every hour| penatnye mommy!

Hopefully he will get well soon~!

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Edisi geram|~

Ooohh susahnye la nak berusan dengan lawyer2 saye nie..(bukan semue lawyer ye..particular dgn lawyer yg sedang saye berusan ini) i do have a lawyer act on my behalf and another one is acting on behalf of the bank..nie kes nak buat loan umah la nie...yang susahnye...dedue lawyer nie..kalo nak pape mintak tru saye! tak bole ke liaise together2! nie mintak certain thing related dgn law..buat pengetahuan tak tau pasal law2 + law documentation bawa kete pandai la..kalo dah sampai tahap master list ke hape ntah...saye tak tau ...tolong la harap maklum...kalo saye nie tau takde la saye engage lawyer yang oi..nie dah la baya to both parties...then lagi nak menambah kepeningan kepale nie haa..adoiii..! geram betol..dah la keje sendiri pon banyak..lagi nak menambah pening..aduhhh geram nie..!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Practice makes perfect~|14 months old Q Aziz|



If your child has been walking for several weeks or even months, her his confidence and steadiness have probably grown with each day. See how she's able to start and stop smoothly, or can stoop down to pick up a toy without falling over? Fourteen-month-olds also love to move objects from one place to another; they never seem to tire of pushing boxes and laundry baskets around a room. In fact, you'll observe that she's constantly in motion, testing out her his physical abilities. She may try to kneel on the floor or a chair, or attempt to scoot up a staircase, or climb onto a coffee table. Her his enthusiasm far surpasses her his abilities, so monitor her his explorations closely.

Your toddler may be coordinated enough to roll a ball to you, and may try to grab it when you roll it back to her him. Sit on the floor directly across from her him; she'll be occupied with this game for at least — five minutes! Rolling and catching are fairly complex skills, so don't worry if your child can't quite coordinate them yet. These kinds of play are all part of your child's need to explore the physical world, including the objects and people in it.

If your child has yet to walk, rest assured that it's just a matter of time. Before you know it, you'll be chasing her him all over the place. Just remember that a child who walks as early as 9 months or as late as 18 months is completely normal. "by"