Wednesday, June 23, 2010

the Gamish~[6 months old]

beriman sungguh daddy and qhalish~
dah besa nanti..bole pegi semayang jemaah kat masjid dgn daddy ye..

tok mom bought this cutie costume for me and daddy~

aikss..nanges plak pak aji kecik nie~

hahaahha...look at my evil eyes~

i'm thinking of having my favourite porridge with chicken, carrot and sweet potato!
nyummy2...thanks nenek for making a delicious porridge for me~! i suppose to be sexy~??!

i LOVE huggies =)..

qhalish favourite thing to do~
gigit2 his own socks~ [qhalish x cukop makan ye~]

uuuhhh love it~!

Qhalish Aziz at his 6 months old


  1. wiwiwttt...
    sejuk la perut aunty tgk lil' Q pakai macam tu.. chomell nyer..

  2. chomel la baby pakai kopiah huggies qalish cm dh pnuh jer tue

    hee hee

  3. nozie : hahaha..tu la pasal...tekantoi pule..~