Monday, February 28, 2011

Practice makes perfect~|14 months old Q Aziz|



If your child has been walking for several weeks or even months, her his confidence and steadiness have probably grown with each day. See how she's able to start and stop smoothly, or can stoop down to pick up a toy without falling over? Fourteen-month-olds also love to move objects from one place to another; they never seem to tire of pushing boxes and laundry baskets around a room. In fact, you'll observe that she's constantly in motion, testing out her his physical abilities. She may try to kneel on the floor or a chair, or attempt to scoot up a staircase, or climb onto a coffee table. Her his enthusiasm far surpasses her his abilities, so monitor her his explorations closely.

Your toddler may be coordinated enough to roll a ball to you, and may try to grab it when you roll it back to her him. Sit on the floor directly across from her him; she'll be occupied with this game for at least — five minutes! Rolling and catching are fairly complex skills, so don't worry if your child can't quite coordinate them yet. These kinds of play are all part of your child's need to explore the physical world, including the objects and people in it.

If your child has yet to walk, rest assured that it's just a matter of time. Before you know it, you'll be chasing her him all over the place. Just remember that a child who walks as early as 9 months or as late as 18 months is completely normal. "by"

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

3rd Anniversary~January 25th 2011~


Happy Belated Anniversary Mr.Husband..! it was our 3rd anniversary..nuting much except for a nyummy diner and a bouquet of roses..!! thank you mr.husband..hahaha..sebaek ade roses..if not bisa merajok for the whole year..ngeehhh...sngt mengade ye...once a year kan..dah la last year anniversary mase tengah if this year x buat pape...mmg akan tunjuk perasaan sedikit lah..! 

Note: Hopefully this year birthday..adela orang nak belanje saye makan tony romas lagi..sgt kepingin dessertnye..nyuummyyyliciousss sangat...~droolsss..

Little update on HAPPY FEET~

huwaaa...its been a while since last entry..! really busy with the projects..might be till next year...hahaha..lamekan...project baru start nie..doakan la saye ye..supaye betahan and tak resign...hahha..if ever la mr. husband kaye-raye...surely dah lame saye meletakan jawatan..! *sigh..anyway just  bit update on my little precious Q..~!

1) he's walking now...! (he starts to walk @ 14months~taking on his sweet moment carried by mommy ye sayang..sebaek dah bejalan..if not makcik bedah suruh sebat kaki Q ngan ikan keli la..sabut kelape la...ahhaha..bikin mommy worry aje~)
2) already know to feed himself
3) really attach to mommy
4) dah pandai merajuk
5) still didnt like to wear diaper, baju and seluar..! (becinta nak tukakan diapers eh)
6) still eat everything and  all the time..! (batu ngan kayu pon bole..hahaha..just kiddin')
7) still be my chubby bubbly baby..
8) dah pandai tengok katun..!
9)  deeply in love with water~ errrgghh...bile mandi x nak kuar..tensi2~
10) more new focab...fav. focab..."sape".."sasa".."nak".."nanak" .."mama".."mama-ci"..mama-ca" ..ntah ape maksudnye pon ...tak tau ler..

Bagi tengok Gamba sikit ye....



Note : Semoge bejumpa lagi...still have no idea bile la dapat or RAJIN nak update the blog...hihihihi...haaa utk pengetahuan semue...saye tengah sebok membuat kuih macaron..hopefully bile dah kaye tere...bole la start menjual..bagi menambah pendapatan keluarga...hahaha poyo okey...but its long as dpt $$$$ im happy!! mommy happy meaning...Q dapat lagi banyak toys..! yeayyy!...till then...daaaaa~