Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Hi all,

ooohhh saye geram !!...tak paham la saye mengape la nak cut cost saye yg mmg dah secipot tu...tapi if bab2 lain tu bole pule costnye di-absorb-kan...sungguh x paham and not fair at all...kan..~ =S..end up till now design firm x dpt di-finalize kan lagi akibat drp rm10k..!!.=S...then if the deliverables delay..sape nak jawab??!! saye la kan...! =S aaaddooiiiii...~tapi ape nak buat...name pon keje...so "ABSORB" jeeee laaaa...hihihiihi~~

Monday, May 24, 2010

Diabetes type 1 or "Juvenile Diabetes"

My beloved little nephew Raelan Imran..~
He's having diabetes type 1 since 5 years old [almost a year]~
and end up...everyday he has to take the insulin shot..5 times a day~!..
ooohhh sian my baby Raelan..~

Explaination on diabetes ;

Diabetes mellitus —often simply referred to as diabetes—is a condition in which a person has a high blood sugar (glucose) level, either because the body doesn't produce enough insulin, or because body cells don't properly respond to the insulin that is produced. Insulin is a hormone produced in the pancreas which enables body cells to absorb glucose, to turn into energy. If the body cells do not absorb the glucose, the glucose accumulates in the blood (hyperglycemia), leading to vascular, nerve, and other complications

There are many types of diabetes, the most common of which are:

  • Type 1 diabetes: results from the body's failure to produce insulin, and presently requires the person to inject insulin.
  • Type 2 diabetes: results from insulin resistance, a condition in which cells fail to use insulin properly, sometimes combined with an absolute insulin deficiency.
  • Gestational diabetes: is when pregnant women, who have never had diabetes before, have a high blood glucose level during pregnancy. It may precede development of type 2 DM.
Type 1 diabetes

Type 1 diabetes mellitus is characterized by loss of the insulin-producing beta cells of the islets of Langerhans in the pancreas leading to insulin deficiency. This type of diabetes can be further classified as immune-mediated or idiopathic. The majority of type 1 diabetes is of the immune-mediated nature, where beta cell loss is a T-cell mediated autoimmune attack. There is no known preventive measure against type 1 diabetes, which causes approximately 10% of diabetes mellitus cases in North America and Europe. Most affected people are otherwise healthy and of a healthy weight when onset occurs. Sensitivity and responsiveness to insulin are usually normal, especially in the early stages. Type 1 diabetes can affect children or adults but was traditionally termed "juvenile diabetes" because it represents a majority of the diabetes cases in children.

Causes - Genetics

Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes are partly inherited. Type 1 diabetes may be triggered by certain infections, with some evidence pointing at Coxsackie B4 virus. There is a genetic element in individual susceptibility to some of these triggers which has been traced to particular HLAgenotypes (i.e., the genetic "self" identifiers relied upon by the immune system). However, even in those who have inherited the susceptibility, type 1 diabetes mellitus seems to require an environmental trigger.


Type 1 diabetes risk is known to depend upon a genetic predisposition based on HLA types (particularly types DR3 and DR4), an unknown environmental trigger (suspected to be an infection, although none has proven definitive in all cases), and an uncontrolled autoimmune response that attacks the insulin producing beta cells. Some research has suggested that breastfeeding decreased the risk in later life; various other nutritional risk factors are being studied, but no firm evidence has been found. Giving children 2000 IU of Vitamin D during their first year of life is associated with reduced risk of type 1 diabetes, though the causal relationship is obscure.

Children with antibodies to beta cell proteins (i.e. at early stages of an immune reaction to them) but no overt diabetes, and treated with vitamin B3 (niacin), had less than half the diabetes onset incidence in a 7-year time span as did the general population, and an even lower incidence relative to those with antibodies as above, but who received no vitamin B3.

all above informations are from wikipedia.org

Friday, May 21, 2010

Aqiqah Qhalish and his 2nd cousins~

Hi all,

Majlis Aqiqah little "Q" was held back in February 2010...mase chinese new year...he was 2 months old at that time and we did celebrate it with his 2nd cousins [4 babies + 1 include little "Q" = 5 babies - semuenye baby boy!!]..~! all the babies were born in 2009...dr january sampai la december...i thought my baby will be the youngest baby in 2009 among the 2nd kazens..tetapi tetibe on december 12 09 lahir plak lagi sorang [premature..suppose to be born in february].. so the potong jambul kenduri sort off sangat meriah dengan adenye 5 orang baby2 comel~! ade yang menanges...ade yang ketiduran...ade yg separuh nak mengamuk...and ade jugak yg dah pandai berlari...hihihi..~

before Majlis Aqiqah ~ "Q" tidur dengan peaceful-nye

from left : Baby Zidan and little Q

little "Q" : ooohhhh i still wanna sleep..kenape nak bukak baju plak nie~!
Baby Zidan : aiksss...relex la "Q" ..they just wanna changed your baju la..will be handsome just like me..~

little "Q" : aaaarrgghhhh mommy help me!!...x mau tukar baju..~!
Baby Zidan : oohhh "Q" stop crying pleaaseee...~you hurting my ears..!

little "Q" : ooohh okey abg.zidan..i'll stop crying..[sambil pasrah nek usu tukarkan bajunye]

taadaaaa..!!~.dah hemsem dah..with his 1st baju melayu & songkok haji...but still not in a good mood...masam nye little "Q" mommy..~

all babies line up with their white uniforms
[baju melayu puteh yang dibuat oleh ibu anjang~TQ IBU]..
tunggu turn nak potong jambul..~

"Q" tidur all the way till makcik2 habes bermarhaban..~!
mommy busy sengih2 tangkap gamba..[as always la kan]

Aunty Jasmin with her baby Zidan Othman..Zidan is older than "Q" by 3 months

Eiman Danish is older than "Q" by 2 days ONLY..~
[memula nak letak name "Q" EIMAN .sekali mommy & daddy eiman dah ambek name tu dulu..so end up jadi Qhalish Aziz instead of Eiman Aziz..=)..]

the oldest..! born in january 09~ abg. Ahmad Adam~
adam kebosanan...sampai makan kasut nak tunggu turn potong jambul..!

mommy..aunty jasmin..and our precious babies~!

Eiman & Qhalish with their moyang~ mommy's gradma..she's almost 90 yrs old~!

p/s : the youngest baby among 5 of them takde pule gambanye~

Thursday, May 20, 2010


hi all,

Sorry lame tak update bloq..kinda busy with office's work..al-maklum project tengah peak so x dpt la nak nak buat perkerjaan yg bukan2 nie..=D..btw entry nie pon tules lagi 45 minutes before balik umah...[x sabar nk jumpe "Q"] ..the above picture was taken when mommy lupe bawa stroller "Q" ...sebaek ade trolley yg ade tempat letak baby. & sebaek little "Q" could fit in~!..if not jenoh la nak mengendong little "Q".. but as mommy always think germs is everywhere...so sebaek ade blanky "Q" untuk alas tempat letak abby tu...eventho trolley tu mcm ala2 naek lori bile ditolak...fortunately "Q" bole tidor kat atas tu dengan lenanye..~!..[hhmm just like ME...bebile pon bole tido~!]..

haa another story...what would you feel when strangers datang and start kiss2 your little baby and sometimes bole ambek dukung2 hug2...??? for me...uuhhhh DONT like it at all...~!!! unless la kan kalo kawan ke...family ke...tak kesah la...nie sesape aje la...hari tu lalu kat row baby kat carrefour tu...aduhhh pantang benti...ade je la promoter datang n start kiss2 "Q"...kekadang siap cakap nak dukung lagi tu...sungguh x selesa..~ n last monday when mommy and "Q" kuar beli dinner bedue..pegi la kat kedai dekat2 area umah...memula ade akak waitress main2 pipi die...pastu start kiss die lagi...aduhhh..pastu siap brother buat air datang plak...main pipi lagi...tu mcm ok lagi...[mase nie mommy tengah kendong "Q" gune kain gendong]...pastu tetibe brother air tu bole tarik "Q" dr dlm gendong mommy tu...aduhhhh...pastu cium2 lagi...aduhaiiii...hilang la pipi little "Q" mcm nie..~! siap brother tu bawa jejalan....mommy "Q" takot anak die kene kidnap..oleh itu kut je blakang brother tu..! bile brother tu duduk aje...mommy "Q" cecepat ambek "Q" balik... adduuhh lain kali tak mau pegi beli makanann kat situ lagi...tapi bile ade daddy "Q" takde la plak orang nak buat perangai macam tu...semuenye terjadi whenever mommy n "Q" keluar bedue je... hhmmm ape lagi...bile balik umah je...mule la mommy membasuh pipi "Q"...siap sabun lg. tu...as mommy feels like pipi "Q" full with germs..hihihi..~ kesimpulannye...tolong la jgn sesuke hati kiss2 anak orang kalo kite tak kenal orang tu...not everyone comfortable with that..~! including ME ..~!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Little "Q" (Qhalish) vs Little "T" (Tiger)

~ mR. "Q" with his bff mR. "T"

oppsss...mommy...tiger is biting me..~!!!..

uiksss x bole jadi nie...mesti lawan balik..

huh...little "Q" is biting tiger's ear..!!!...eeiiiiuuuwwww...
ciaannnn little "T"...

ooohh x cukop gigit telinge...another punch to tiger's tttooottt~~

yeay dah menang...~! senang hati...lalu...kite isap jari dulu..! =)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

cuti SAKET~[headache]

wah...lamenye x update blog...banyak cerite nak cerite but as im still having an headache [sunday till now] so will update this blog lain2 hari ye...=S..

Will update on [soon] :
i) no more bibik..~! =S
ii) my first ride with mR. husband
iii) little "Q" and french fries

p/s : our little "Q" is 5 months old~! =D