Wednesday, April 28, 2010

W.O.R.D.L.E.S.S Wednesday~!

As promised...the outDoor PICTURES..~
Venue : Taman Metropolitan, Kepong [a.k.a taman main layang2]
Date : April 25 2009 ~8.ooam till 10.30am

happy family~

ooohh look at us..! same baju n seluar..=D..
[daddy mini ME]

"Q" : mama.. im smiling..but where's my teeth..
mommy: hahaha.."Q" x bole buat iklan colgate la..

"Q" : i prasan mcm hemsem pule dengan kace mate uncle aimin nie..=S

is it okey mommy to pose like this..~?!

mr. Macho Man

nyumnyum...finger licking good~

daddy...!! faster...faster..!!

mama..stop posing2 la.."Q" dah nak tido nie..~

mommy : daddy...knp posing dgn kipas??~

ooohh little "Q" ke-kaget-tan~!

us again~

uiksss posing sakan 2 beranak nie..=0~

from left : faiz (liya's bf), aunty jaja, uncle aimin, "Q" & aunty liya

the crazy-neSSS

thanks to them~

i) looking forward for an Outdoor photography lagi...~ =D
ii) zziillliionnss thanks to Liya, Jaja, Aimin & Faiz (Liya's bf) for joining us that day..~
iii) terima kaseh juge kepade sponsor breakfast - mak usu/nek usu...=D

p/s : oppsss by looking at the title...i know i'm not supposed to write next entry WORDLESS WEDNESDAY would be the real WORDLESS..!!! hihihi~


  1. awwwuhhh sgt skerrr dgn outdoor pic ni.. cute sgtt... baby Q pon nampakk happy sgt =p..
    tak sabar nk tunggu sofia besar sket.. nnt leh bergambar mcm nie gakk =p..

  2. k.wyn,comel gila qhalish.tembaaam n putih gebu.macam nak gigit :p