Thursday, April 22, 2010

A NEW member has arrived~

Morning to EVERYBODY,

Proudly to announce "It's a BOY again!!!" which means I HAVE ANOTHER NEPHEW..yeay.. betambah la lagi satu keluarga Aziz...~ Given name as a baby Edrin Declan Zafry born in April 21st 2010 with weight 3.55kg ( to my little pumpkin..2.52kg aje..)hhmmm cant wait to meet the little boy Zafry and ofcourse my beloved nephews Ashraf & Imran...hopefully we could be there this start saving from now on..=S..! America here we come..~geeee~


  1. awyn, dpt ank sedara baru ye.. ui tergeliat lidahku.. sedap, sedap nama die..

  2. ninie : hmmm name anak2 sedare aku semuenye meng-geliatkan lidahkan..=D..