Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cerita Hari Raya 2011

Selamat Raya Raya Aidilfitri!! Hoping it is still not too late to wish to all families and friends!
Well this year raye, we did celebrate it at my grandma's house in Kukup, Pontian and on the 2nd day raye went back to hubby 's kampung which is in Labis.
As usual the activities are makan..makan..makan..plus nite time main mercun..this year we spent almost rm400 for the mercun! Membakar duit sungguh!!! Ehheeh..xpela..once a year kan..
Other than makan lauk2 raye jawa such as ketupat, rendang daging, ayam rempah, sambal goreng, lodeh, kuah kacang n etc.. We did also have brasak(not sure nak ejenye)..brasak nie besnye mkn dgn asam pedas! Nyuummpphh..then malam raye petama plak buat bbq! 2nd day raye plak having beriani..i loike..! Tiap2 bulan raye kan best!! Hahaha..ade gemoks dempol jadinye..
And for the little Q ( yg x brape nk little dah)..asyik dgn dunie nye sendiri..he is sooo anti-social..kejap je kuar salam2..then tros lepak masuk bilik aircond sambil concentrating with his ipod..! luckily my grandma house has a one room with an a/c..if not jenuh la si montel tu mengamok!..sungguh budak bandar anak saye tu..wajib la hantar ke skolah utk ajar die besosial!
But then he's still a little boy..let him explore the world by himself rather then hantar skolah blaja 123 ABC kan..pity them kan..(just my opinion ..=]..)..but if there is a place for toddler which provide with fun activities (gunting2 ketas, main with playdoh, jalan2, main pasir n etc) compare to belajar.. then i'll be willing enough to send Q there!! If there is..please inform me ye..
Well this week, we plan on going back to my abah's kampung in Temerloh, Pahang. Meeting families and having steam boat perhaps..n if extra rajen bole la buat sushi! Makan lagi..greaaatt!

Last but no least.. Selamat HAri Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin..!

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