Sunday, March 13, 2011


After bace about Tutti Frutti at yani's today ajak la mr.hubby pegi TUtti Frutti nie which is quite near to our area..and ofcourse it was nyummyy!! we had strawberry, red velvert yogurt , vanilla & ape ntah eh another flavour pick by my sis in all the fresh fruits & all those toppings! Selagi muat semuenye nak for 2 cups mr.hubby paid almost rm40..geeee..mahal la jugakkan...but then still delicious!! Espcially the red velvet..nyummnyumm.. sambil makan sambil layan iphone with free tutti frutti unifi..! I loike~Little Q was in heaven lakan.. Sugar rush!! Geeee~~Hahaha..makan sampai hirup2 okay! Seems like we have to go there again lah daddy~ mommy love it and Q love it as well!! Till we meet again.. Nite2 you all..dont let the bugs bite ya~!

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  1. ermmm tgh fames btul tutti fruity nih eh saya belum pernah cuba pon....bila la nak cuba ramai kate sedap..