Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Little Gym for Qs

YES! New activity for the kids on the weekend! MODE : Mommy ter-over excited tau!!! (^______^)

Me and Mr.husband..(actually its ME yang selalu beriya cari something new for the kids) decided to enroll our kids to the gym so call as "The Little Gym". There will be classes from 4 months old till 12 years old. Yeay! meaning little Qayden will join it too! Double YES! 

Qayden will join the so call "Bugs" class - for infants 4-10months old, while big brother Qhalish will join the "Super Beast" - for toddlers 2 1/2 - 3 years old. And after December 2012 big Q will be 3 years old which means he could join the "Funny Bugs & Mini Flips" classes. Hahahah..cute name rite!  mommy really cant wait to send you guys to the gym. (bole mengelakkan obesiti !)

From the The Little Gym Website ;

Three-Dimensional Learning
Get MovingGet Moving! Increased physical strength and muscle control, fine and gross motor skill development, coordination, balance
Brain BoostBrain Boost! Spatial and perceptual awareness, introduction to colors, language development and self-expression, knowledge of numbers and letters, initial problem solving
Citizen KidCitizen Kid! Developing independence and feeling comfortable away from parents, early socialization, sharing and taking turns, accepting new environments, following directions and cooperating

They also do offer facilities to make the birthday party for the kids! Hhmmm thinking to celebrate big Q 3rd Birthday Bash over there! But ofcourse have to check on the $$$$$$$..if affordable..then will be a BIG yeahhhhh! (harusla kan~nak buat tempat gempak but nak murah!! bole??!! )  Banyak lagi yang dieorang offer. Such as " Parent's Survival Night" -(basically for Friday & Saturday nite) yang nie if you wanna spend time with mr.husband ONLY..then bole lah anta nak2 you all di situ ye..Pastu bole la nak candle lite dinner ke, movie ke, catch up with friends ke and etc. ahahaha...bestkannnn! and for the kids, surely they will having fun playing with their friends without the parents! win-win situation - i guess - (o__O)

Next week Insyallah,  will make a post on the day @ The Little Gym eh! 

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