Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hi |D.E.C.E.M.B.E.R|

~Big Brother Q~

September almost at the end...and here it comes October ...then November...without realizing we are almost in the end of 2012~ which means...have to start on planning big Q's 3rd Birthday this coming December~!! so fast  kan..suddenly nak 3 tahun dah my little chubby pumpkin! 

For the 3rd birthday, planning buat kecil-kecilan aje..perhaps only to celebrate with families..and another thing... in March 2013...birthday little Q ~ so haruslah celebrate besar2 sket (sikit aje) as a year old baby..! so for us to celebrate 2 events beriye2..haruslah demam poket mommy and daddy! hihihi~

I'm planning to bake a birthday cake on my own..after surf2 dekat Pakcik Youtube..then discover dinosaur cake by Aunty Betty Crocker..which i think its not difficult to do it as she did attach a template to cut the dinosaur shape!..hahaha..happy...will save about rm200++ hoookeh...which I usually spend birthday cake for big Q..!

Below is the picture of the  cake;-

By Betty Crocker - C.U.T.E kan this Mr. Dinosaur!

Then as usual..mommy Q nie can be categorized in someone yang agak creative..(hahaha...ME..angkat bakul sendiri..actually more to save the money mommy Q love to do all those crazy party stuff sendiri..! i.e all the birthday sticker, food label, cupcake toppers, banner, goodie bag and the list goes on...even to celebrate with families je kan..but still harus la ade...if not tak macam event birthday party la kan..Hopefully mommy Q will not be sooooo busy la in these 2 months time.. As for now havent start it yet on those decoration..better surf2 Pakcik Google to get some idea..bukan ciplak tau...pinjam idea aje ye Pakcik Google..~

Cake - checked
Birthday Deco. - checked
Food - order aje yang nie!
Guest - checked!
Present -  blom difikirkan..if possible kite bagi daddy Q yang fikir!

That's all peeps. XOXOXO~

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