Thursday, November 4, 2010

In the MOOD~

Banyak pula post hari baru abes dgn successful-nye (hooray!!- mr.bos bgla saye KPI that bnyk sket dpt bonus...hihihhi~) and the most important thing ofcourse i'm in the mood to update the blog!~ hahahah...rite a week before ramadhan...we went to cherating with mr.husband's friends..sort of like a small gathering la..most of us ade baby...but it didnt stop us having fun ..~!

it's US..~having fun to the fullest~ 


 Q was having fun by himself while the daddies played volleyball

 mama was busy snapping Q's pictures...hihihi..~

 and more of happy moments with the little one~
he started making friends..

 a picture with ryan~ 

 precious~!love the picture~
( i took this picture!...hahaha angkat bakul sendiri~)
swimming in the sea??! 
sebaek nenek xde..if not confirm non-stopla nenek membebel..

Q and daddy really had fun that day..~!

mommies were la..just kiddin'
as usual crite pasal anak2...sigh*~hihihihi...

Love is all around..~! im blessed~

Nite2 everybody...dont let the bed bugs bite you~! =S
sweet dream~

THE End~

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