Thursday, October 28, 2010

de templer Restaurant - Chinese Muslim Cuisine

Hi all

Well for today post...nak cerita sikit on our dinner last nite..well ofcourse macam tajuk kat atas tu..we all (mr.husband + little Q + my mom + ME) had our dinner dekat de templer's a chinese muslim cuisine...setaraf la dengan Cheng Ho dgn Abdullah Chan Restaurant we did order for ;

1) Fried crispy beef (seriously sgt sedap~!!)
2) Hong kong kailan oyster sauce (ok!)
3) Fried squid with salted eggs (spectacular!!! sgt yummmyyyy!! 5 stars!!)
4) Siakap - Rasa Khas (its really nyuuummmmyyy!! better try it)
5 ) and for the drink we did order on apple asam boi...ponnn sedaaapppp...2 thumbs up!

Nak elaborate sket on the dishes..for the fried crispy beef nie...ala2 beef jerky...thin slices then rase manis2 and ofcourse a littlebit crispy but not that crispy...mcm ok ok aje...sedapppp..better try it..!  then for the fried squid with salted eggs tu hhmmmm ssggtt nyummyy..ini mmg favourite saye nie...sotongnye sangat lembut! eventho digoreng dengan tepung but then tepungnye sikit aje..but the portion just enough to make it jadi sotong goreng tepung then digaul dengan telur masin...sedapp sgt...mcm melting aje bile masuk dlm mulut...hihihihi~ if ever pegi this have to ask for this dish sbb die takde dlm menu..=S..for the siakap rasa khas...pon nyummyy juge...kuah die sedap...! pedas sket then ade rasa masam2 sket...just nice! haaa lg satu...nasi die kan they put in bekas nasi yg sgt if mkn dekat2 kedai dieorang letak dlm tong nasi besar tu kan nie die gune size tong nasi yg sgt2 kecik..! cutee!!

Talking about the price..well harge die same standard with the other chinese muslim cuisine restaurant...but it is worth it dgn rase die...then facilities such as toilet ade for man and woman ...then siap ade surau lagi...thumbs up!! restaurant pon sgt luas...takde la pack sgt kalau duduk kat dalam restaurant tu...pastu service die pon cepat..within 30 minutes semue siap..!~

So for you guys out there yang suka chinese cuisine food yang dijamin halal...better go and try the dishes ye...for me...personnally...5 stars..!! highly recommended..!

de templer RESTAURANT
No 17G & 19G,
Jalan Melati Utama 4,
Melati Utama,
53100 Setapak
Kuala lumpur
Tel: 03 - 4105 8000


  1. owhh..bes ek.actually aku baru je nak blaja makan chinese food.haha.sebelum ni aku mmg kategori tak berapa nak,hubby suka.

    baru2 ni aku gi,Dong Yi sun,kelana jaya.chinese muslim la..sedap la plakkan..pasni nak ajak hubby try sini la plak..