Thursday, July 15, 2010

Completely HAPPY~!

My LOVE is Like, WOW~!
My FAMILY is like, HEAVEN~!
My FRIENDS are the,BEST~!
and I completely HAPPY~!!!


my sissy's familia~

 mak and d' grandsons~!
(ashraf, imran & zafry)

 another chubby grandson~

my ONLY nephews~!! 
(miss them sooo mucchhhhh)

used to be my babies~! but a big boy now..=S~
 i'm 8 years old aunty~! i'm a big brother now!
when he was a baby...i used to bite his hand..! as he was so chubby at that time..
sgt geram...hihihihi...sorry bam bam..~
ashraf = nicholas = bam bam = abang

Mr. Woods in the making =)~
raelan a.k.a one can be adek except HIM..~
sgt manje..

the latest baby Edrin Declan Zafry~! 
Chubby little teddy bear~!
Hoping to see you sooooonnnn baby..
how i wish i have the "pintu DORAEMON"~ =S
(4 months younger than baby Q~)

and little Q~mr.bubly muchkin~

my FRIENDs...are the BEST~!

i'm Completly HAPPY~!

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